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Pike – The wide­spread fish of prey

How to go for pike

The pike lurk in beaches thick with reeds and grass, water-lilies, fallen trees and rocks. The
pike always find places where they can hide, but still stay near smaller fish. A big pike is often
comfortable in deeper waters than its smaller cousins. The best time to go for pike is early in the
morning or late at night.

You can catch pike both by casting and by trolling. In trolling a row boat is more efficient than a
motor boat. In Kuusamo the pike usually spawn under an ice cover, and immediately after spawning they take well to lures. In midsummer pike is not easily caught, but after the waters cool down in autumn, it is the best time to fish for pike.

The best lures for pike

When fishing for pike, there is no need to be afraid of the size of the lure. The most certain choices are big wobblers and spoon spinners. A typical pike caught from the Kuusamo waters weighs 1-3 kilos. The lure size for these pike is 10-15 cm. However, there is always a beast lurking under the surface who takes better to a lure of 15-20 cm. So, it is worthwhile to try for pike with bigger lures, at least for a change. Good colours for spoon spinners are copper-silver, full copper, silver-copper/blue and silver-brass. The best wobblers are the parrot or yellow-green-red, the vendace or silver-black, the redhead or white-red, and the perch or green-shaded wobbler with perch markings.

Sometimes the pike are full, and then you can try to catch them with a spinner or a jig. The pike
have sharp teeth, and therefore it is always good to use a steel cast between the line and the lure.