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Going for the Brown Trout

With its three famous trout rivers, River Kitkajoki, River Oulankajoki and River Kuusinkijoki,
Kuusamo offers you a unique opportunity for going after the great brown trout in Finland. 

Trout’s journey from its birthplace to Russia and back

The brown trout rises to the Kuusamo rivers from Lake Paanajärvi and Lake Pääjärvi, which are both located on the Russian side of the border. The brown trout are born in rivers in Finland, and spend their first 3-5 years in their native river. Then they descend to the great Russian lakes to grow. Some of the brown trout stay in Lake Paanajärvi, and some travel further down to Lake Pääjärvi.

The fish return to Finland when they have grown to a weight of nearly two kilos.

The purpose of their return is to procreate, i.e. the trout come to their birthplace to spawn.

After the brown trout have risen to the river, they do not feed at all. This special characteristic, together with the exceptionally large size of the fish, is what makes the Paanajärvi brown trout unique in Finland.

The Paanajärvi trout is temperamental and difficult to catch. There are many similarities between the behaviour of the rising brown trout and the Atlantic salmon.

Lure tips

The lures most suitable for catching the brown trout are wobblers, spinners and spoons. The Räsänen and Professors of Kuusamon Uistin and the wobblers made by local lure makers have proved to be successful lures in these waters. The local fishing shops will also give you the day’s tips for choosing the best lures and lure colours for the season. If you are using flies, the traditional River Kitkajoki trout flies are usually hairy-winged trout flies tied to number 8-9 hooks. If you aim for grayling or whitefish, the best lures to use are flies. Wet flies, nymphs and larvae tied to number 16-21 hooks are usually reliable alternatives.

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