Guided Fishing Trips

Ice fishing for grayling, Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm

Our guide will collect you from Kuusamo-Ruka area and take you to the clear waters where grayling are swimming under the ice cover. During the trip you may catch also whitefish or perch. In the midst of ice fishing, we will have a snack. After an active ice fishing day, it is common that you will have the makings of a fish meal to show.  Price includes transfers in Kuusamo-Ruka area, ice fishing gear, snack and guiding.

• Group size: 2-8 people

• Price: €90/adult, €60 /child (4-12 yrs)

• Duration: approx. 6 h

Additional services: overalls, snowmobile transfer

Contact information: tel. +358 40 589 1695,


Ice fishing trip with reindeer, Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm

After a short reindeer ride, we will pack ice fishing gear into the reindeer sledge and make a short hike (1 km) to the pond. We will float the nets under the ice, and then begin ice fishing. The pond is rich with rainbow trout, whitefish, perch, and pike. In the midst of the fishing we will go to the lean-to shelter to have some reindeer sausages and coffee/tea/juice. Afterwards we will carry on ice fishing. The return journey will be easy as the reindeer will take the fishing equipment and our catch back to the farm. From the farm we will be transferred to Kammi building, where a soup lunch is waiting. The price includes a short reindeer ride, ice fishing gear, picnic snack, soup lunch, and ice fishing on private wilderness pond. 

• Group size: 2-10 people

• Price: €105/adult, €60 /child (4-12 yrs)

• Duration: approx. 6 h

Additional services: Long reindeer ride 1.5 km, driving reindeer sledge to the pond and back.

Contact information: tel. +358 40 589 1695,

Ice fishing trip at reindeer farm, Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm

Come and test your fisherman’s skills on a peaceful pond shadowed by old-growth spruce forest. Under the ice the rainbow trout, whitefish, grayling, and pike are all waiting to meet their match. Enjoy the tranquillity of nature and sit by the lean-to campfire listening to fishing tales about catch with eyes spaced a metre apart. 

The trip starts at reindeer farm where we are told about the life of the reindeer. We will hike along a 1.5 km trail through the snow-covered landscape to the pond, where we will float a net under the ice and start ice fishing. During the day we will walk through old-growth spruce forest to a lean-to shelter and have sausages, packed lunch and campfire coffee. You will hear tales of reindeer, reindeer husbandry and those great fish that got away. Patience is usually rewarded with some handsome fish to take home. The hike back to the farm will warm you up nicely. Suitable for beginners and more experienced fishermen alike.

• Group size: 2-10 people

• Price: €60/adult, €30 /child (4-12yrs)

• Duration: approx. 4 h

Additional services: Soup lunch, reindeer ride, reindeer ride to the pond and back

Contact information: tel. +358 40 589 1695,

Ice fishing trips to fells in Swedish Lapland, Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm

Hidden in the midst of fells in the Kiruna area in Swedish Lapland  there are several clear-water lakes where char, trout, whitefish and grayling lurk. We will go to the lakes by snowmobiles and stay in tents or Lappish cabins in the fell highlands. Some of the cabins have saunas. Our guides take care of setting up camp and help you find good ice fishing spots. This leaves you to concentrate on fishing and enjoying the wild landscapes of the fells. The best season is in April-May.

• Group size: 4-12 people

• Price: ask for an offer, we will arrange a suitable trip for you

• Service includes: Accommodation, meals during the trip, guiding, equipment.

• Duration: minimum of 3 days of fishing

Contact information: tel. +358 40 589 1695,


Day at a fishing village, Ollila Holiday Cottages

Experience an exciting winter day fishing with a professional fisherman at his genuine fishing spots
in Kuusamo. Our basecamp is Juomuskota, the private fish restaurant at Ollila in Sossonniemi fishing village by Lake Muojärvi. Together with our host Tuomo Ollila, a fisherman in second generation, we will try different fishing methods and have a delicious meal cooked from
northern freshwater fish.


We will arrive at Ollila at 9:30 in the morning (if necessary, transport will be arranged at separate charge). On arrival there is coffee/tea with fresh forest berry pie in Juomuskota.
After this quick snack, we will dress up in warm clothes for the snowmobile transfer and fishing. You will get warm overalls, winter boots with woollen socks, and warm gloves. Helmets and balaclavas are also included in the winter gear.


We will ride comfortably in a snowmobile sled (max 8 people per sled) to Lake Muojärvi. Our host has been there already the day before and set nets under the ice. We will check the nets and hopefully see the first catch of the day – it can be pike, burbot, or ide. When the nets
have been checked and the fish measured, we will head out to the best ice fishing spots. During fishing we will take a break and make a fire to a sheltered cove on the shore. It feels great to have a picnic by the campfire and enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery.


After a while it is late afternoon, and it’s time to return to Juomuskota for the famous Fisherman’s Delicacy Buffet prepared from fresh Lake Muojärvi catch. After a great day on the lake ice, we set off back to Ruka/Kuusamo where the gentle warmth of the sauna is waiting.


Departure from Ollila at 17:30. Bon voyage!!
• Price starting from €230 per person, minimum group size 4 adults, children under 12 yrs -50 %.
Price includes equipment, coffee/tea on arrival, picnic lunch, guided fishing trip, buffet dinner.
• Duration 7-8 h.

• Contact information: tel. Tuomo +358 400 286 528 and Marjo +358 40 565 6598,

Winter fishing, Ollila Holiday Cottages

We will be received by the host and hostess of Ollila, and then we will head out to check the nets under the lake ice. The local lakes are rich with many species of fish. While we are working, the guide tells stories about the history of Sossonniemi fishing village, and about the importance of fishing industry in our daily lives. Over the years, the development of fishing equipment alone has been phenomenal!

We may find whitefish, perch, pike, burbot, or roach from the nets. After checking the nets we will carry on ice fishing and the guide will help us to get started. The catch may be perch or even a silvery whitefish. The programme is especially well-suited for children, the distance to the warmth of the Juomuskota fireplace is not long and it is easy to drop in to warm up cold toes or fingers. At Juomuskota garden there are also kicksleds and sledges for sliding down snowy slopes. The Ollila dogs are fond of visitors and their gentle bark invites the guests to come and pat their shiny coats.

After the fishing trip we will return to Juomuskota where we will have a tasty fish dinner prepared by our hostess Marjo. The day’s catch may be included in the meal!


• Price €52/ person min. 4 adults, under 12-year-olds -50%

• Duration 3-4 h

• Contact information: tel. Tuomo +358 400 286 528 and Marjo +358 40 565 6598,


Seine fishing in winter, Ollila Holiday Cottages

We arrive at Ollila by bus at about 10.30 and will be met by our host and hostess.After this the participants will be transferred by snowmobile sled (in groups of 8) to the lake ice, where a group of professional fishermen are waiting. While they are working the fishermen tell us about their livelihood and seine fishing in winter conditions. The fishermen may have lit a fire to keep warm, and we can make hot juice over the fire and have a tasty fish snack with it.We will join in the pulling of the seine from under the ice, until the catch finally appears and it is lifted into containers. When the fishing is done, we will head to Sossonniemi fishing village harbour where we are shown how the fishing harbour operates. Those who are willing can take part in cleaning the catch with the fishermen. We will return from the harbour to Ollila and Juomuskota around 14.00 and have a delicious fish lunch or dinner. After the meal we will climb into the bus, nourished and happy after the day’s events.

•  Duration of the programme at Ollila approximately 5 hours. 

•  Driving distance in snowmobile sled max 8 km altogether. 

•  The programme is also available as a snowmobile safari. Ask for an offer! 

Contact information: tel. Tuomo +358 400 286 528 and Marjo +358 40 565 6598,