Lake Fishing


Spinning & angling on Lakes Muojärvi & Kuusamojärvi, Ollila Holiday Cottages

In spin fishing you will feel the catch fighting against you all the way up from the water, this is the main attraction in this form of fishing. Experienced fishing guides are taking you out on the claen and pure lakes straight from Ollila Cottages with proper fishing boats. The way of fishing and bait is decided on depending on the season and weather conditions, your guide will advice on this at the beginning of the excursion. It is also possible to do angling and jigging.

Duration: 4 hrs

Price: €450/ boat, max. 4 people/ boat

Classification: fishermen, also beginners

Includes: guided trolling excursion, use of boat, fishing gear (if needed), lunch packs

Note: Price does not include transfers, in case guests are staying elsewhere than Ollila Cottages, we can arrange transfer on request.

Reservations: +358 400 286 528,


Fishing for giant pike at a wilderness lake, Ollila Holiday Cottages

We will take you by car to a wilderness lake, well hidden in the forest where you are very likely to be the only fishermen. Our target is to catch the giant pike, to feel the real battle of the mighty fish! The day is also an outdoor and wilderness excursion and we will enjoy lunch out in the open. The pike in this lake can be as large as 10 kg.

Duration: 6 hrs

Classification: easy / average

Price: 550 €/boat 1-4 persons/boat. Includes: guided excursion by car from Ollila and lunch packs

Reservations: +358 400 286 528,


We reserve the right to price changes.