Family Fishing


Fishing and Trekking, Palosaaren Poro- ja Kalastustila

A pleasant outing for the whole family in the great outdoors, fishing and watching the beautiful scenery of Kuusamo. See how the reindeer spend their summer, and learn new things about reindeer and reindeer herding. Walk the nature trail and find out about the surrounding protected forest, and try your fisherman's luck at a pool in the woods.

• Duration: c. 4 h
• Price: €60/person, €30/child
• Rainbow trout €15, Whitefish €20, Grayling €20
Those who catch a fish will receive a certificate of honour.
Reservations: +358 40 589 1695,


Fishing from a Raft, Ollila Holiday Cottages

We will meet at Restaurant Juomuskota at Ollila, where we will start the trip

by digging worms for bait from the compost heap. With the help of our local guides,

we will take the raft to the best sites of the area, and there we go, plenty of catch

soon in our boat! After the trip we will clean the fish according to your wishes,

and have a fish-oriented lunch before we head back.

Duration: 2-3 h

Price: €85 / person, €43 / child

Contact information: Tuomo tel. +358 400 286 528 and Marjo tel. +358 40 565 6598


Midnight Fishing Trip, Palosaaren Poro- ja Kalastustila

Experience the magic of the midnight sun and watch the breath-taking views. Fish on a quiet pool in the woods and breathe in the serenity of the wilderness. We will hike some 1.5 km through an old spruce forest to a lean-to where we will get our fishing gear out and ready. While doing this, we will have a cup of campfire coffee and a snack. You will be given tips on how best to catch fish on the pond, and you will hear wild stories of past fishing experiences. We will fish on the beautiful wilderness pond, where pike, whitefish, and rainbow trout are waiting for their conqueror.

Duration: c. 4 h

Price: €60/ person, €30/ child

Reservations : Tel. +358 40 589 1695,


We reserve the right to price changes.