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(River Suininginjoki)

More information: Tourist Info Kuusamo, Torangintaival 2, Kuusamo

Tel. +358 40 860 8365


Despite its modest length, this a couple of hundred metres long rapid is worth an introduction. The grayling population at Suininginkoski rapid is moderately stable, and whitefish is bounteous here. The whitefish fishing season reaches over the whole summer at Suininginkoski rapid. The river is also stocked with rainbow trout. 

The fisherman might be in for a real surprise at this venue. Via Myllykoski rapid, the River Kuusinkijoki trout have access to these waters, and it is common to catch a trout bigger than expected at Suininginkoski.

There is a bridge that crosses the river near the neck of the rapid. Above the bridge there is only a short stretch of the neck before Lake Niskajärvi, and the rapid continues downstream for another 300 metres. The rapid is shallow and rocky, and the rocks make good, sheltered places for the fish to lurk in.

On the upper reaches the width of the rapid varies from 10 to 15 metres, depending on the water level. On the lower part the rapid becomes considerably wider and more shallow. Below the rapid opens a wide stretch of quiet water, which is broken by two small stretches of deep, rapidly flowing stream.

Grayling are found in the slowly flowing areas of the rapid, and whitefish lurk near the banks and in deep, fast-flowing stretches. Sheltered pits around rocks are good places to catch trout and rainbow trout. On the south bank of the river there is a fish hatchery, but it is still possible to fish the stretch from the wide bank. There is a plank bridge for crossing the river near the hatchery. The lower reaches of the river, especially around deep, fast-flowing streams, are good places to go ice fishing for whitefish. This river is well worth a visit also in winter.