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More information: Tourist Info Kuusamo, Torangintaival 2, Kuusamo

Tel. +358 40 860 8365

The eight-kilometre long River Varisjoki flows through diverse woodland before it reaches Lake Iso-Kuukasjärvi. On the way there are kilometres of long, almost lake-like quiet waters, and altogether three kilometres of rapids and faster-flowing streams. There are mosty grayling and whitefish in the river, but also rainbow trout and brown trout. Thanks to the Myllykoski rapid fishway, it is possible for the River Kuusinkijoki trout to rise all the way to River Varisjoki.

There are basically three areas of interest for sport fishermen in this river. They are Variskoski rapid on the upper reaches, Rahkokoski rapid and Syvälamminkoski rapid in the middle stretch, and the Saunakoski rapid area on the lower reaches. Between the rapids the river flow is peaceful, and the quiet waters are good places to fish for perch and pike as well as the more valued salmonoids. However, the banks are quite difficult to walk, and the ponds are so wide that the use of a boat is often necessary in order for the fishing trip to be successful.