Fishing licence sales offices for river Pukarijoki:

Tourist Info Kuusamo, Torangintaival 2, Kuusamo

Tel. +358 40 860 8365



River Pukarijoki is a narrow river with an upper stretch of one long, shallow rapid. There is a bridge under which the stream is evenly strong, but below the bridge the water turns into a churning, rocky rapid. A few hundred metres from the bridge downstream there is a two-kilometre stretch with a tranquil stream between marshy banks, on a dark, muddy river bed. A deeper stretch begins at Ulkulahti, where the water is 1.5 metres deep.

River Pukarijoki houses a relatively good grayling population. An occasional brown trout is not an unfamiliar catch there either. Most individuals are quite small, but a catch of some larger trout and grayling has also been reported every now and then.

Early summer is the best time to fish this river. From July on the water level drops and fishing is not successful here any longer.

Less than a kilometre from River Pukarijoki there is another small fishing spot. Nivankoski rapid between Lake Taivaljärvi and Iso-Sorsa is a deep, fast-flowing stretch, which can easily be fished from both banks. The catch might not be very good, but there are some grayling, whitefish and an occasional brown trout in the river.