Fishing licence sales offices for river Poussunkoski Rapid found in here...

(Fishing association Poussu)

More information: Tourist Info Kuusamo, Torangintaival 2, Kuusamo

Tel. +358 40 860 8365

Poussunkoski rapids are known for their handsome whitefish, trout and grayling. At Poussunkoski there is a wide casting pier, which makes it an excellent place for the physically disabled anglers to try their luck at the noble sport of fishing. In addition to the casting pier, there is an outhouse, a campfire site and a boat slipway which are all wheelchair-friendly. There is also a covered shelter for cooking and eating, a shed, and a parking lot for cars and buses.


The fishery collective permits fishing in this rapid all year round, excluding the close seasons determined by the Finnish Fishing Act. These are e.g. the trout and grayling spawning seasons.