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Waters from several small and midsized lakes flow to Lake Kiitämäjärvi via River Maivajoki. Lake Eksymäjärvi and Lake Sarajärvi stretch to the Russian side of the border, and above them there are still many lakes that empty their waters into this river. River Maivajoki is a 3.5 kilometres long river with four short rapids and stretches of slowly flowing stream in between. The water depth varies from well above 50 cm up to a couple of metres. There is often plenty of water vegetation here and there in the slow-flowing stretches.

The banks of this river are sometimes soft and quite difficult to walk on. The marshy terrain and dense growths of willows and birches make it hard to move around and fish in some spots along the river. There is a fairly steady population of grayling in the river, and whitefish is plentiful. The best grayling sites are in and near the rapids. Shoals of whitefish thrive in the rapid necks and below rapids, as well as in the faster flowing stretches between rapids.

Early midsummer is the best time to catch whitefish, at any time of day. Later in summer, when the water level drops, the whitefish move into lakes. Then the best time to go fishing is in the evening. The best whitefish spots are the neck of Kalliokoski rapid and Lampare.

The brown trout population is poor in River Maivajoki, but some trout rise into the river from Lake Kiitämäjärvi. The biggest trout weigh several kilos. The river is best-suited for fly fishers. By using dry fly you can avoid problems resulting from water vegetation. Whitefish and grayling take well to caddis fly or other flies which mimic small double-winged flies.

Kivirannantie road passes over the river one kilometre upstream from Lake Kiitämäjärvi. The lowest rapid of the river, Patokoski, is located above the bridge. The second rapid, Kukkarokoski, is easily accessible via this road. The distance there is less than 500 metres.

The two uppermost rapids can be reached from the north side of the river, through a small forest road. The uppermost rapid, Myllykoski, is the longest and most voluminous of the four rapids of River Maivajoki. It forks into three channels by some old watermills.

Good fishing sites are also found in River Hurujoki, which is located above Lake Maivajärvi. Downstream there is a 200-metre long Maivakoski rapid, which is a fairly good whitefish, grayling and trout site. The distance to the rapid is approximately 500 metres.