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Of the three great trout rivers of Kuusamo, River Kuusinkijoki is the smallest in size and water quantity, but it is by no means the least in fame. The Kuusinki brown trout is wild and free, an unbelievable fighter at the end of the line, and so cunning that hooking it is never easy. Or maybe it is! In any case, brown trout is the most sought after catch at River Kuusinkijoki, and catching one is always a memorable occasion.

The upper stretches of the river run mainly through wide, if somewhat bushy meadows. In the Kiukaankorva area and below, the river is squeezed between 20 metres high rocky walls for a couple of kilometres, after which it calms down at mid-reaches into a peaceful stream surrounded by grassy meadows.

On the last stretch near Sipinkoski, before the river flows over the Russian border, the banks turn into cliffs rising higher and higher above the river. This is the beginning of the most ruggedly beautiful part of the whole river.

Easy access to the riverside
There is a network of roads leading to both banks of River Kuusinkijoki, and the walking distance to the riverside is only a few hundred metres at worst. The upper reaches are directly accessible by car, but the route to the lower reaches near Saunavaara goes through Suorajärventie and Jelestimäjärventie roads.

As far as services provided for fishermen and hikers are concerned, River Kuusinkijoki is an excellent destination. There are several well-maintained campsites with toilets and firewood ready for use evenly scattered along the river. The roads in the area are well marked all the way up to the riverside, and therefore there is no real danger of losing your way.

There is also a comfortable camping site on Paljankantie road, near the middle section of the river.

The grayling lives in flowing waters

River Kuusinkijoki is harnessed for electricity production. Below Myllykoski power plant the river flows in a specially constructed canal. Putkonen, where the canal breaks into a rapid, is the starting point of the wild River Kuusinkijoki. This first rapid of the river is approximately one kilometre long, and underneath its churning surface there are many really deep pits where fish are known to lurk.

Many people have said that this rapid on the uppermost reaches of the river is the best place for catching grayling. This is true, as the beat from here to the mouth of River Juumajoki is a particularly grayling-friendly stretch. If trout fishing at River Kuusinkijoki is centred near rapids, on the necks and just below them, it is worthwhile to look for grayling also in mid-rapid, in the frothy waters and underneath rocks. The best places to catch whitefish are quiet waters and ponds.
The most famous trout sites from upstream to downstream are the canal neck, Jussinlampare, Kiukaankorva, Mustasuvanto, and River Juumajoki mouth. Of all of these, the Kiukaankorva area and especially Käpykoski rapid and Vajjeus are real treasure troves for fishermen, still not forgetting the quiet waters below Juumankoski rapid.

Lines tight at Vihtamutkat!
Downstream from the river River Juumajoki mouth there are a few tight curves in the river. These bends are called Vihtamutkat. In fact, there are two sets of these bends, referred to as the upper and lower Vihtamutkat. There is an easy route to the bends via Paljakantie road.

On the Vihtamutkat stretch the river curves into tight 90-degree bends alternating between churning rapids and deep, gently flowing waters. At Vihtamutkat the river is really narrow in places, and easy to fish with spinning gear.

Below Vihtamutkat the river calms down into a place called Sipinlampare. This slowly flowing pond is worth a visit, if you are interested in catching big whitefish of several kilos at best.

Hanhisuvanto and Hanhivirta are famous trout sites, as is also the legendary Takkupyörre.

If there is magic found in a place-name, the spot following Takkupyörre is a place not to be missed. Lohipyörre, Finnish for Salmon Swirl, is a celebrated trout site. Brown trout used to be called salmon by the local folk, even if it wasn’t always the correct name for the fish in the river. Both Takkupyörre and Lohipyörre are popular places among fishermen.

Towards the legendary Saunavaara
Saunavaara, located at the lower reaches of River Kuusinkijoki, is the early season must for fishermen hungry for catch. There is a big parking lot for cars, and a large camping site for tents and caravans. This is a place where the river makes its last bends before reaching the Russian border zone.

Haisusaari, Saunaniemi, Koivumutka, Vyörymä, and Koivusaari are well-known names for every fisherman who has fished River Kuusinkijoki. The names are well-known, because these are places where people catch trout. Lots! Fishing stories or legends of brown trout caught and not caught at Saunavaara are often heard by the campfires of this area.

As far as grayling fishing is concerned, the lower reaches of the river make an interesting stretch. Especially in early summer, individuals of very respectable sizes are caught here. At Saunavaara, as well as at other most popular and crowded River Kuusinkijoki venues, it is customary that the fishermen take turns to fish the stretch. This way everyone is guaranteed a peaceful time to fish, free from disturbances.

It is important that everyone follows these so-called gentleman’s rules when fishing on the Kuusamo trout rivers.

Camping site
The story of the Kuusinki Camping Site began in the 1960s. Today, there are cabins available for 2-9 people, and caravan and tent sites in the area. The camping site café sells snacks, fishing equipment and fishing permits. Beer and cider are also available at the licenced café.

The camping site is located on dry pine forest land, and the distance to the nearest fishing sites on the river is only a few hundred metres. In the midst of fishing the river, you can try to catch the choosy rainbow trout and whitefish in Lake Vartiolampi.

However, the lake is not entirely restricted to fishing. The traditional sauna on the camping site is famous for its gentle steam, and there is nothing more satisfying than ending a day of fishing with a bath in the sauna and a swim in the crystal-clear water of Lake Vartiolampi.

Naturally, the possible catch will be cooked in the camping site barbeque/outdoor kitchen, and eaten under the soft shine of the midnight sun.

Fishing with flies and lures
Both flies and lures are effective in trout fishing. Good trout wobblers are Nils Master Spearhead and Stalwart, LGH, Ässä, Kuusamo Wise, and JAN. The colours of the early summer are bright and shiny. In July the colours start to fade, and in August darker shades start to prevail.   

Fly fishers have had the best luck with big streamers and muddlers on River Kuusinkijoki. Before Midsummer, the suitable hook size is 2/0-4. Bright colours are recommended. In July, the fly size decreases to number 4-8, and it is best to use small and thin flies. In warm, shallow water marabou-winged streamers are the most efficient.

Towards the end of the season, the fly colours deepen into dark shades of brown and black. If you can’t seem to find a suitable fly from your selection, a rule of thumb is to always start with a black fly.

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