Pieni Helilampi
Professori Räsäsentie 1-2
tel. +358 8 860 3450

Rainbow trout from Pieni Helilampi
Every year we stock Lake Helilampi with rainbow trout. The fishery collective has stocked the lake with whitefish for years, and there is a natural population of perch. The lake is an easy spot for an active fisherman, and an excellent venue for children.
In summer we sell day permits for Lake Helilampi, and in winter we write free ice fishing passes. We also sell fishing permits for River Oulankajoki and River Kitkajoki.

Price: 10 €/12h, 1 rainbow trout/ permit.

There are 2 fishing rods with lure kits which are lent to customers. Cash deposit of €50 required. Fishing is possible between 8 am and 8 pm.

Please visit our website for more information and our opening hours.