Lake Iijärvi
Taipaleentie 93999 KUUSAMO


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Lake Kuusamo Fishing area + National fish management fee

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Tel. +358 40 860 8365

Maaselänlahti bay is a fishing venue located near Kuusamo town centre, on Lake Iijärvi.
Maaselänlahti bay was used as a final log floating point between Lakes Kuusamojärvi and Iijärvi before World War II. It is easy to fish with a hook and line from the bank of an old walkway which still circles in the area. The water is quite shallow, but there is a good chance of catching smallish perch at Maaselänlahti bay. With a rod and reel, a caster may also catch pike from among the water vegetation near the shore. At Maaselänlahti there is a boat slipway and a lean-to shelter for grilling sausages. There is also an outhouse and a spacious parking lot in the area.
ETRS-TM35FIN coordinates N 7305686  E 606699
Driving directions
Drive 6 km south from Kuusamo town centre towards Kajaani.  Turn left towards Lämsänkylä (Pääjärvi). Drive on Lämsänkyläntie road for approximately 6 km. After Lahtela hut turn right towards Hiltunen and drive on 330 metres, then turn right on Taipaleentie road. Drive on to the lakeshore.

Common catch
Perch, best caught with a hook and line
Pike, best caught with a rod and reel
Campfire site, lean-to shelter
Boat slipway