Lahtela hut
Lake Kuusamojärvi, Lämsänkyläntie 60


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Lahtela hut at Vanttajankangas is maintained by Kuusamo town. The hut is located by Lämsänkyläntie road, on the lakeshore of Lake Kuusamojärvi. The hut accommodates 10 people and it can be used free of charge. There is a separate campfire site outside and a toilet next to the hut. Inside the hut there is also a campfire site and sausage grilling equipment. Firewood can be taken from the shed next to the hut. The logs are one-metre long and they have to be sawn and chopped by the users. The area is clean and tidy.

According to the classification of Finland’s environmental administration, the water quality in Lake Kuusamojärvi is good at Vanttajankangas. The lake water is drinkable. However, there is no flow in the water in the small pond in front of Lahtela hut, and therefore the pond water is not drinkable.

On Lake Kuusamojärvi, there is a boating route from the town centre to Lahtela.

The fishing area is right by the hut. There are three old pier bases near the hut which are good places for casting.

ETRS- TM35FIN coordinates N 7309341 E 606159

Driving directions
Drive 6 km south from Kuusamo town centre towards Kajaani.  Turn left towards Lämsänkylä (Pääjärvi). Drive on Lämsänkyläntie road approximately 6 km and Lahtela is on the left, by the shore of Lake Kuusamojärvi.

The catch at Lahtela
Perch. The best way to catch perch is with a hook and line. There are many good fishing spots near the hut, and the best places are on the old pier bases. There is least water vegetation in front of the pier on the left from the hut. The best times for catching perch are June and July. The depth of the water by the piers is 1 metre.

In winter, many ice fishing competitions are held at Lahtela hut shore. The catch is mostly very small perch and ruffe. The best ice fishing spots are found north of Mustaselkä, near Porosaari, Honkisaari, Viitasaari or Kamosensaari. Shoals of perch move around in the area, and if you happen to locate a shoal, there is a good chance of catching some sizeable individuals. There are also plenty of roach in the area.


Mustalahti, the area in front of the hut, is best known in the pike breeding season. Pike breed in the area, partly under the ice cover, in late May and early June. After the breeding season the pike begin a period of fierce eating, after which they quiet down for a week or two. From then on the pike take well to lures during the whole summer.

Pike are usually found lurking near reeds, but they don’t bite very well when the water is warm.
As summer turns into autumn pike move into deeper waters, hunting after their prey. The best method of catching pike in the area is from a boat, either by casting or by trolling.

The biggest pike caught in Mustalahti have weighed more than 10 kg. The average weight is 1.5-3 kg. The best way to guarantee catch is to use the services of local fishing guides.


There are some lake salmon in Mustaselkä. They are best caught by trolling. The best salmon fishing season is late summer and autumn.

Fishing guides provided by Kuusamo companies

Catch is best guaranteed on guided fishing trips. Kuusamo companies offer boat trips for casting and trolling, and trips where fishing is done from the shore are also possible. However, the boat trips usually yield the most catch. There is a good boat slipway on the Lahtela hut shore. Guided trips include boat, fishing equipment and safety gear.

Boat rental available at a local company. (HT Boat and Hire Out)

Near Lahtela hut there is a historic WWII defence line Salpalinja. The line has been restored and there is a signposted trail in the area. The signs are marked on a tourist map guide in front of the hut.