The Kuusamo area lakes are situated on the North-East Finland water divide. This makes the waters of the area flow east to the White Sea via two routes (River Koutajoki waterway and River Vienan Kemijoki waterway), and west to the Bay of Bothnia via three routes (River Kemijoki, River Iijoki, and River Oulujoki waterways).

There are over 4000 lakes and ponds in the Kuusamo area. Lakes Kuusamojärvi, Muojärvi, and Kitkajärvi are excellent venues for troll fishing. We have gathered here a list of easy access lake fishing venues which are suitable for the independent fisherman.

Fishing with a hook and line using natural bait (worm or fish) in lakes and ponds is included in everyman’s rights.


Find out more about fishing venues by clicking the names on the left. Their locations are marked on the fishing site map.

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Lake Fishing Trips

Read more about guided fishing trips offered by our companies, for instance

  • troll fishing trips
  • pike fishing from a boat (with lures or flies)
  • fishing with rod and line, and bottom fishing in summer
  • seine fishing shows and trips
  • village events where fresh fish is cooked on the beach