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kuusinkikuva1Kuusamo is a perfect place for fishing in every season.

From late autumn to spring there is ice fishing, and in summer and autumn there is trolling or spin fishing,or you can cast a fly, fish with a hook and line, catch
fish with nets, or take part in seine fishing.

There are wide areas of woodland with untouched lakes and ponds in the Kuusamo region, mostly located near good roads. Many fishing sites are equipped with especially built lean-tos which can freely be used when fishing. A fishing trip is a happy

outing for the whole family. Even the youngest family

members can experience taimenverkoilla nettithe light twitch of the red float, and the strong pull of the fish under the water. What a thrill, when they pull the line out of the water, with a plump perch attached to the hook! The famous Kuusamo rivers house the great brown trout that rise upstream, the handsome grayling, and the big whitefish that live in quiet waters.

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